Tatemachi is the number 1 fashion street in the Hokuriku region. With a diverse array of shops and styles, Tatemachi has a truly special atmosphere. This exceptional shopping district stretches about 430 meters, and from noon until 7 p.m., it’s a pedestrian shopping mall. Being mindful of the infrequent service vehicles, one can enjoy an outdoor, relaxing shopping experience. Lining both sides of the street are about 150 shops, many specializing in apparel, but cosmetics shops, beauty salons, general stores, jewelry shops, bridal-related shops, kimono shops, and cafes are also all in the mix. On weekends and holidays, not only Kanazawa residents but people from neighboring prefectures come to enjoy the distinct experience of Tatemachi. Many events have taken place on this street and recently, projects have been carried out in cooperation with students and young people. In 2017, hotels, dormitory–type lodging facilities, and a new building for Tatemachi Machinaka School of Kanazawa Bunka Fashion College will be constructed in this area.

A Shopping District Ahead of its Time

From the times of Toshitsune Maeda, the third feudal lord of the Kaga domain (present day Ishikawa Prefecture) and one of the richest lords in feudal Japan, Tatemachi’s townscape of shops lined side by side has existed. In 1632, kerosene and Japanese sake stores opened on Tatemachi and are said to have been the first shops in this district. In 1963, The Tatemachi Promotional Association was formed, and soon after bigger stores and fashion boutiques opened for business. In the 1980’s, Tatemachi’s remodeling project was finished. From the early 1990’s, Tatemachi underwent a second remodeling to make the street a mall, and started and streaming “【ti:】's Eye” video service capturing the street’s bustling action, Tatemachi caught the attention of all of Japan. In 2005, with the completion of the “Walk Kanazawa” project, Tatemachi was officially designated as a pedestrian mall every afternoon. In 2015, as part of the Tatemachi Community Development Project, new street lights were installed and security cameras were updated; safety was improved to enable pedestrians to stroll around without having to worry. In recent years, social networking services have been used for sales promotion.

A New, Practical, and Popular Open Space

At the southern end of Tatemachi, there is an open space for use by all. The Tatemachi Promotion Association has been using this space for events that attract people to the area, such as the winter installation of one of the Hokuriku region’s largest illuminated trees. Various events related to art, music, sports and food will continue to be held here.

The Tatemachi Promotional Association

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