Lined with boutiques and department stores, Kohrinbo is Kanazawa's center of both fashion and business. Daiwa Department store's well-established name, Kohrinbo Atrio's selection of name brands, and KOHRINBO 109's young faces and styles are just some of the many reasons that draw people to Kohrinbo. In addition, 2011 saw the opening of Kohrinbo La Moda which stocks brand name items from around the world. The look of Kohrinbo resembles fashion capitals like Tokyo's Ginza and Aoyama. But Kohrinbo is not just about shopping; many corporations have also set up branch offices here forming the business side of Kohrinbo. Each day, scores of office workers hustle by. When winter comes, more than 30 Japanese elms lining National Highway 157 are lit up creating a magical atmosphere in "Kohrinbo's Tree Fantasy." Every year, people come from far and wide to experience the magic of Kohrinbo, all while shopping in the heart of Kanazawa.

The History of Kohrinbo

There are many theories as to the origin of the name Kohrinbo, but one is most prominent. A long time ago a mountain priest named Kohrinbo returned home and became the successor of the Mukouda family. His name became Kohrinbo Mukouda and he started a business selling eye drops. Business was a great success and his family prospered. It is said that because of this, the area came to be known as "Kohrinbo." At the foot of Kanazawa castle, Kohrinbo flourished as a business center and castle town during the Edo period (1603-1868). In the Meiji period (1968-1912), Daiyon Senior High was built in the area that is today known as Hirosaka, adding its lively students into the bustling mix of Kohrinbo. Kohrinbo became the most popular business district in the Hokuriku region. In 1985, Kohrinbo's 109 was completed, becoming the first branch location of Shibuya's already popular department store. In 1986, Daiwa Department Store moved from nearby Katamachi to Kohrinbo, adding its distinguished name to an already established neighborhood. Over the years, Kohrinbo has become a gathering place for people young and old.

Showing the New Face of Kanazawa

The influx of brand name shops in recent years has shown a new face of Kohrinbo as Kanazawa's modern city center. Still, the town's image continues to improve as new buildings are constructed and existing buildings are remodeled. Kohrinbo continues to represent an exchange of ideas and styles. Kohrinbo embodies the important connection between people, region, and commerce.

The Kohrinbo Promotional Association

Address Kohrinbo 1-1-1, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
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