Situated along National Highway 157, Katamachi is a vibrant shopping district in Kanazawa, bustling with activity day and night. By day, the street is packed with people shopping at stores filled with everything from the latest fashions to traditional Kanazawa crafts, and the many fine restaurants and cafes are full of workers enjoying lunch. By night, students fill convenience stores and fast food restaurants, as the neon lights of the Hokuriku region's most active shopping hub come alive. Among the thousands of top class eateries, including Japanese style pubs, casual dining, Japanese dining, bars, and even nightclubs, there's something for everyone. There are also numerous upscale and business hotels with convenient access to Kanazawa's most popular sightseeing spots. As a result, there is no shortage of tourists who choose Katamachi as their place to stay when visiting Kanazawa.

An Information Neighborhood

Katamachi is a shopping district that was founded with comradery and cooperation in mind. With roots in the early Edo period (1603-1868), Katamachi took form in what was once a dry river bed. The name Katamachi, or "side of the street", comes from the fact that, originally, all of the shops were built on one side of the street. While never forgetting its history, Katamachi has also never stopped innovating. Recently, Katamachi's goal has been to create an "Information Neighborhood". From digital signage to town magazines, information is distributed quickly and efficiently. 2001 saw the opening of Katamachi's official homepage "e-katamachi" which gives up to the minute information on current sales promotions around the neighborhood. Furthermore, Katamachi is home to many exciting places and events including Katamachi Pedestrian Mall, Kanazawa Pub Crawl, Katamachi Pub Crawl, and the Early Morning Youth Clean Up, to name a few. In 2006, the Japanese Ministry of Economy chose Katamachi as one of its top 77 most prosperous spots in Japan.

A Unique Place to Shop

When deciding the newest shops to join the neighborhood, the Katamachi Promotional Association chooses not only chain stores but shops unique to Kanazawa, as well. Moreover, a route between Katamachi, the nearby west tea district and other sightseeing spots has been proposed. Wide foot paths, benches and a rehaul of the nearby covered walkway will create a fun and safe place to spend the day.

The Katamachi Promotional Association

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