Surrounding Kohrinbo, Katamachi, Hirosaka, and Tatemachi is the shopping and business district of Kakinokibatake. The town’s elegance has a nostalgic feeling of times long past. With two streams flowing through it, one can get a true feeling of the abundance of running water in Kanazawa. While the main street has a unique and charming appeal, without noticing it, you may quickly find yourself exploring side streets with restaurants cooking up world class Japanese and ethnic dishes. Whether they are enjoying lunch or grabbing a bite to eat after work, regular customers are frequenting their favorite shops. From seniors, to office workers, to families, there is something for everybody in Kakinokibatake. Not far off is Kanazawa’s famous 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, and in recent years, the area surrounding the museum has become a popular place for taking a stroll. Named “21st Century Road Kakinokibatake” this area is a hot spot for tourists exploring one of Kanazawa’s nicest areas. Unique events are also held in this area, including The Water Festival, praying for good health, and the Curry Fair, praying for good business. Both nostalgic and new at the same time, discover your own favorite spot in the town of Kakinokibatake.

A Friendly Shopping District for the People

Kakinokibatake has been around since feudal times. To protect against fires, which were frequent in the feudal era, many lords moved their houses to the open spaces of this area, and planted kaki, or Japanese persimmon, trees. This is how Kakinokibatake got its name. In 1759, a massive fire tore though this area, and the neighborhood was destroyed. However, almost two and a half centuries later, on October 1st, 2003, the town and its name were reborn. Businesses began to grow again, and the unique characteristics of Kakinokibatake came to life once more. Since then, it has continued to be a popular and friendly shopping district for the people of Kanazawa. The Kaki Festival started here and has been held annually since 1993. At this festival, the exciting and heart pounding sounds of Japanese Taiko drumming echo through the town celebrating the revival of Kakinokibatake. 2004 saw the opening of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. Catering to the wants and needs of not only the citizens of Kanazawa but also its visitors, the 21st Century Museum and Kakinokibatake have created a unique atmosphere that draws people to this wonderful district.

Legend of the Streams

The outer moat of Kanazawa Castle and Kuratsuki stream located in Kakinokibatake are said to be related to the Kappa, a mythical water creature and the sea otter. The Kakinokibatake Promotional Association decided to use these interesting legends to increase the appeal of the district. The many pocket parks holding periodic events such as live music are just another reason why people thoroughly enjoy themselves while walking through Kakinokibatake.

The Kakinokibatake Promotional Association