Kanazawa's 5 Towns: the Heart and Soul of Kanazawa

There are 5 towns that make up the center of Kanazawa: Kohrinbo, Katamachi, Tatemachi, Kakinokibatake, and Hirosaka. With the large department stores of Kohrinbo, the extremely popular shops of Katamachi, the street culture of Tatemachi, the nostalgic atmosphere of Kakinokibatake, and the classic and modern art of Hirosaka, each has its own style. These 5 towns come together to form the personality of Kanazawa.

There are 2 things that stand out about Kanazawa's 5 Towns: unmatched service and a wealth of special events. As tourist spots and cultural centers, these towns work together to create a unique city. In these towns, friends are waiting to be met. In these towns, chances are waiting to be discovered. In these towns, happiness is waiting to be experienced. As you stroll through Kanazawa's 5 Towns, you will understand the charm of the city and be impressed in new ways. These 5 towns together create the heart of Kanazawa.

Events That Create Prosperity

Each fall, the Kanazawa 5 Towns Festival is held. The street is converted into a pedestrian mall, and festivities related to everything from gourmet food to music and dance are held. Every year, both young people and families from inside and outside of Ishikawa prefecture gather together at this festival. Later in the year, all the towns hold a simultaneous illumination ceremony praying for prosperity in the new year to come. Soon after, the Kanazawa Nabe Collection exhibit opens, featuring the best of famous Japanese hot pot dishes. Throughout the year, the free magazines "Kanazawa 5 Towns Magazine", with information about the towns themselves, and "Kanazawa Student Advantage", packed with good information for students, are sold. These happenings are just a small taste of the activity in Kanazawa's 5 Towns each year.

香林坊 片町 タテマチ 柿木畠 広坂


※The borders of this map are not exact.